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Our family has over one hundred years of history in the production of extra virgin olive oil. In 1895, the Anagnostou family had already built a steam mill in the village of Afetes in Greece. Today its chimney is the symbol of our company. Thanks to this family heritage and the technical skills we acquired our early harvest extra virgin olive oil Keiron is born. 

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Today, we great-grandchildren, carry on this century-old tradition. It's updating the ancient techniques with the new skills and technologies acquired by us, that today we are able to bring to your table Keiron, a superior extra virgin olive oil that contains all the colors, the aromas and the flavors of our unspoiled territory.

Keiron is named after the mythological centaur famous for its healing powers and herbal knowlodge. In fact, it lived on Mount Pelion, in Greece, the historical region called Thessaly, the exact place our olives come from.

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